Determining Other Necessities Expense

The formula for calculating “other necessities” was determined using items listed under the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Consumer Expenditures Survey (CES). From the CES list of expenditures, the Other Necessities Expense includes housekeeping supplies, household furnishings and equipment, telephone services, apparel and services, personal care products and services, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Other Necessities Expense calculated on the site uses CES data on the average proportion of what families in the bottom 40 percent of the overall income distribution spent on the items listed above, which was 21% of food and housing costs, according to the most recent data. The amount is calculated as a percentage of what a family spends on food and housing to take into account household size and relativity of other expenditures. It is a frugal estimate of other expenses as it doesn't include money spent on entertainment, education or reading, or diapers but does include items that are necessary for a safe and basic status of living.

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